FAMU’s potential is growing

Throughout 2008, the university has made several strides to demonstrate excellence with care. Namely when Ammons’ administration lifted the daunting probation, students soared in numbers to promote political awareness and many of our constituents achieved several accomplishments.

This momentum need not die. It must continue to be a driving force among our campus and culture. Obama’s victory encourages us to support of black community, to unite as a campus and do more activities for the community, aside from Relay For Life.

We have increased our enrollment of National Merit Scholars, and become the first black university to host an ESPN GameDay. In this pursuit of excellence and greatness, Florida A&M University must strive to recruit more merit scholars, receive awards, and send students into the work force or to start successful businesses.

But, to do this, we must get rid of a few bad behaviors – students, staff, faculty and administration alike. That means diversifying new ideas, the collegiate community, and a newfound respect for dissonance among a complacent people.

FAMU must look at its competitors, both far and near, to improve. Faculty and administration need to adopt practices and procedures of other institutions in areas that it is lacking in.

If alumni continue to give to the university, finding new ways to give back in large numbers, FAMU can achieve far greater excellence than it already has.

Mark Taylor II for the editorial board.