Pulley holds his weight

Florida A&M University’s quarterback, Curtis Pulley, helped contribute to the football team’s 45-24 win by jumpstarting the Rattlers to a win with his feet rather than his arm.

Pulley scored three straight rushing touchdowns in the second quarter against Hampton University, to build momentum for the Rattlers.

The Rattlers were down 10-0 before the offense produced 35 unanswered points during the second and third quarter.

The Rattlers had trouble getting points on the board in the first quarter with two blocked field goal attempts.

However, Pulley led a four-play drive for the Rattlers first touchdown of the game, which gave the Rattler’s offense confidence which remained consistent throughout the game.

“[Hampton’s defense] didn’t really blitz us that much, which allowed the offensive line to open lanes,” Pulley said.

Those open lanes led to 132 rushing yards on 12 carries for Pulley, who leads the team in rushing yards with 714 rushing yards.

Pulley has thrown 15 touchdowns this season.

Pulley more than doubled his rushing touchdowns on Saturday, showing that he could use his feet to create points.

“He’s a real athletic quarterback,” said Joe Taylor, head football coach.” The teams that has success have a mobile guy because most [defenses] do not assign any one to [the quarterback].”

Taylor said Pulley’s versatility makes him a serious weapon against opposing defenses.

Pulley attributed his success to following what the coach has talked about this season and the performance of the offensive line.

Pulley said the offensive line provided great pass protection with only three sacks.

Hampton’s defense allowed only 45 passing yards in the first quarter, as they were dropping eight and rushing three, which Pulley said he expected.

“I told the receivers to be patient and work on [their] blocking,” Pulley said

This advice helped to push the Rattlers to 249 rushing yards.

The receivers’ blocking and patience led to 159 yards between Kevin Elliot and Isaac West, who both came up with catches that went for big yardage.

West also came up with a 49-yard touchdown pass, which took great downfield blocking to produce.

West said, “the downfield block by Kevin Elliot on the five yard line,” is what allowed him to get in the end zone.

Pulley said having the ability to run helped the team a lot in the passing game.

“Once the [defensive backs] and linebackers start peaking and waiting for the run that really opened up the passing game,” Pulley said.