New day, no more excuses allowed

Tears rolled down my face for a man I have never met. At first these were tears of disbelief because I could not believe what this man had done. Then fell tears of joy because this man opened my closed eyes.

President-elect Barack Obama opened all of America’s eyes Tuesday night. It’s more than him winning the election. It was how his passion proved that he could make the impossible come to life. He proved all odds. He proved everyone wrong that said he couldn’t do it. He proved all ignorant people wrong who did not vote because they didn’t think a black man could ever be president. And now no one can ever blame the system for their own shortcomings.

Tuesday night was the end to all excuses. People are always expressing what they can’t do because of skin color. Or they explain how they won’t get treated fairly because of race. Tuesday night settled it. There cannot be any more excuses. You can do anything you put your mind to. You can be the one to make a difference and even history.

Growing up, no one believed when teachers said, “You can be the president when you grow up.” Now you can believe it.

Anyone has a chance to do whatever his or her heart desires. I don’t want to hear any one say, “I didn’t get the job because I was black.”

A lot of people let shortcomings become excuses for their failures.

But the truth is you are the reason for your own shortcomings. We can no longer blame “the man.”

From now on everybody should be ready to rise to the occasion.

Place the same energy into yourselves that you placed into Obama. We elected him to be the next president through hard work and persistence.

But he would not have been able to make such an impact if he didn’t come with his best. His education and ability to relate to millions of people is what makes him have the qualities that not even the most racist person could deny.

We should yearn for that type of determination and drive that Obama has.

Not once did he have an excuse.

He could’ve allowed excuses to keep him from running or continuing this long journey, but he didn’t.

This example of endurance should open everyone’s eyes. Anything can be done.

Put your mind to it and your best foot forward and you shall succeed.

The only one holding you back is YOU.

President-Elect Obama’s path to win should be a lesson for everyone.

You can be the best at what you do, if the same effort was placed in the excuses constantly used.

Choose your path and make your dreams come true.

But to my young men, please pull up your pants first.