It’s not enough just to register

During election season, all sorts of paraphernalia supporting candidates is displayed everywhere. People are hyped up about the next president. Everything on television somehow connects with the election. But is everyone who is eagerly looking forward to Nov. 4 registered to vote? And will everybody that is registered actually vote?

This is the most anticipated election in American history. It is the first time that a black man nominated for president has gotten this far in a race. And to add to the hype, a woman is on the republican ticket as vice president.

Our country is split between two parties. Some people do not think Barack Obama has enough experience to be president. Others think John McCain will be an extension of the Bush administration. Considering the current state of the economy, America definitely does not need that.

People are losing jobs left and right, real estate is in a slump and the government has to give billions of dollars to keep companies from going under. In July, unemployment reached its highest peak in four years. People are upset and want change.

Last election was somewhat similar. People wanted Bush out of office. Yet he served another term. So what happened? Did these angry citizens fail to vote?

In Leon county, 80 percent of registered voters actually went out and voted in the 2004 election. But over 30,000 registered voters did not make it to the polls.

Imagine how many registered voters in Texas or New York did not go out and vote. Those thousands of people could have made a difference.

As of Aug. 26, there were approximately 153,000 new registered voters in Florida. After the official deadline to be registered to vote this election, that number increased by 21,000.

It is easy to register to vote. What matters is getting there. Voting is what counts, not the number of people who register.

The election is 18 days away, and it is our duty to make sure all of our registered friends and family members get out and vote. The power is in our hands to make a difference. Every vote needs to be counted.Everyone needs to get off their butts and stand up for change. And if you choose not to contribute to this election, you need to be stripped of your rights. I am Brook England and I approve this message.