Tyler Perry scores big with movie

Tyler Perry may as well refer to himself as the king of drama. Once again, it seems he has yet another overly dramatic hit on his hands.

His latest feature, “The Family That Preys,” earned an impressive $18 million in it’s opening weekend.

The film may be Perry’s best yet, considering the fact that his last film, “Meet the Browns,” wasn’t up to par.

It should be rather refreshing for fans to know that Perry is back on his A-game and in more ways than one.

Perry has garnered a loyal fan base that he has fed a steady supply of movies, plays and even a sitcom.

In his latest venture into the world of cinema, Perry has assembled an accomplished cast, led by Golden Globe winner Alfre Woodard and Academy Award winner Kathy Bates.

Both Woodard and Bates prove to be a dynamic combination. Together, their superb acting skills and versatility not only carries the movie, but elevates it as well.

The friendship that their characters have is one of sheer love and camaraderie. Both actresses work wonders together and their chemistry is evident.

“The Family That Preys” revolves around their dissimilar characters – Alice and Charlotte. Alice is a sanctified woman while Charlotte is bold, funny, and downright sassy. Sadly, both of them are the matriarchs of families full of treachery and deceit, which is pretty typical considering this is a Tyler Perry movie.

Alice’s two daughters, played wonderfully by Sanaa Lathan and Taraji P. Henson, are constantly arguing and degrading one another.

To complicate things – SPOILER ALERT! – one of them is having an affair with Charlotte’s wealthy son who’s married.

Dramatic enough? Perhaps.

However, after adding a confident and very outspoken Robin Givens to the mix as a foil for Sanaa’s smart-mouthed character, the film enters drama territory pretty quickly.

Along with the ladies, appears the handsome Rockmond Dunbar of Showtime’s “Soul Food.” Playing Lathan’s character’s subservient husband, Dunbar takes on a role that is uncommon to him – the feeble Black man.

In addition to Perry playing an out-of-shape, middle class husband, the pretty KaDee Strickland of ABC’s “Private Practice,” does an excellent job as the unsuspecting wife of Charlotte’s son.

While “The Family That Preys” didn’t exactly pass the $20 million mark like “Why Did I Get Married” last fall, the film is capable of pulling the audience in. It’s filled with intriguing characters that manage to balance humor and drama in a tale of uplifting proportions.