GOP focused on lights, cameras and not action

When John McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis, said the 2008 Presidential elections would not be about issues, it seemed like he was kidding.

But after hearing similarities between a hockey mom and pit bull for the 100th time, it’s evident the elections have moved from the issues concerning the American people, to a campaign highlighting personalities.

Overnight, the elections have transformed into a collection of green rooms, national magazine covers- that trump Brangelina and stories that depict McCain as the war hero and Palin as the hockey-mom-hunter-life-saving governor.

Some believe there is significant danger in a campaign that emphasizes the personal stories over policies and solutions. The attraction of even the most American life story can fade into the limelight.

This evokes the question-Where are the solutions? For the Republican ticket, the answer comes mostly in policy positions that mirror those of an unpopular president. It also comes from public figures who are prompting many more questions than answers.

But the McCain’s campaign is wagering that its best chance to win, is by aiming for the hearts, not the heads, of most constituents.

Considering the big challenges the country faces, two wars and an economy on a downward spiral- the emphasis on autobiographies might come off as superficial.

All of the candidates need to focus on the issues and the solutions to get the country out of this “Lipstick Jungle.”

Kianta Key for the editorial board.