Tote bags accent fall fashion trends

Welcome Back Fellow Rattlers!!!

With the passing of Labor Day, summer has officially come to an end. It’s time to pack away the swimsuits and prepare for the real seasons of fashion – fall and winter.

During random rain showers and uncomfortable cold fronts, the key to being fashionable is having the necessities to deal with the unexpected and still be stylish.

Just ask Steve and Lori Leveen, founders of the tote bag company, Levenger.

“The perfect accessories to match your sense of style with efficiency, fashion tote bags are ready to help you stay on the move and ready for anything,” the Leveen’s said.

Although it may be tricky to prepare for the weather, it is essential to have everything you need, like an umbrella or a sweater; totes and man bags offer a solution.

Yes, we used the term “man bag”.

Gentlemen don’t be afraid to step outside of the typical backpack.

A simple accessory does not determine your sexual orientation.

The purpose of the man bag is to provide a more established and professional look as you mature.

There are varieties of the bags to cater to the personal style of any man., a male fashion website, says man bags are becoming more visible and can correlate with any outfit.

“Man bags are more versatile than ever,” the website states. “Distressed neutral canvas carryalls reign supreme for casual looks, while totes fit for the gym or beach have decorative stitching and leather trim.”

Totes and man bags are chic accessories that can hold an umbrella, small cardigans, and schoolbooks comfortably. Students may avoid carrying everything by hand.

Ladies, walking around with excess baggage makes you look heavy and destroys your overall appearance.

Instead of having the burden of hauling both a purse and backpack, make your life easier with a tote.

Like the man bag, these innovative bags are not only carrying devices but accentuate ready-to-wear ensembles that will allow you to place items such as keys, cell phones and other personals that may deform the shape of your outfit.

“Use fashion tote bags for your professional organization and you can attractively carry everything you need,” the Leveen’s said.

“Totes are available in a wide range of colors to match your accessory collection and sense of style, fashion tote bags can be created from rich, leathers or lightweight colorful canvases, whatever you need to better keep it all together.”

Totes and masculine man bags easily upgrade your style and accessibility to your belongings. Take a step forward to maturity and leave backpacks and accompanying purses for the younger generations.

In the words of fashion icon Coco Chanel, “Don’t do fashion, be fashion.”

This article was constructed by Tobias Chapell and Lindsey Johnson