Law School adds center

Florida A&M University has added a prestigious program under its belt designed to help its law students flourish.

FAMU College of Law in Orlando has established a new International Law Center.

Many students are excited and looking forward to this program and well as faculty and administrators. Clinton Cagle,31, FAMU’S College of Law’s Student Bar Associate President, is excited about the new program and benefits it will bring.

“(It) will attract incoming students because it is an international program and the career is a hot issue at the time in Florida,” Cagele said.

The CILJ plans to start an international human rights law fellowship program, international law internships, and aid in helping students study abroad.

It seeks to help develop scholarly, educational and hands on practice activities. It also looks to evolve into one of the nation’s leading center of profound research.

The program will give its students a chance to receive a certificate in human rights and global justice, and will also have annual lectures from noted lawyers.

Courtney White, a third year political science major, beamed as she spoke of her optimism the new program.

“I feel like this program will help open doors and give Law students a better chance of communicating and working with a bigger variety of clientele,” White said.

The Center for International Law and Justice (CILJ) has been developed and directed by Jeremy Levitt, an associate dean for International Programs.

Levitt has taught law at Florida International University at their college of law. Levitt was not available for comment at press time.