Kiss the game goodbye

Raised in New Orleans and the son of a baseball coach, senior pitcher Cirilo Manego III of Florida A&M’s baseball team is set to graduate this semester. The baseball player is thrilled about beginning his life after college and said he came to FAMU to further his baseball career as well as his studies. For Manego, school comes first and perhaps even a career in his major – health science and pre-physical education.

“I’m going to try and focus on school right now,” said Manego, 21. “That’s my main concern. School comes first and everything else second.”

Mangeo said after graduation a bachelor’s degree won’t be the pinnacle of his education.

“Hopefully I get into grad school here for the PC program and start my doctorial in the PC program,” the athlete said. “When I graduate and I’m a certified physical therapist, I’m going to practice for four years. I want to go to law school for health law.”

Manego is considering his options.

“The reason I want to practice for four years before I actually jump into law school is because I want to see if I actually need a law degree in my profession and how will it help me out and stuff like that,” he said. “If I feel like it would help me out then ill go but if it doesn’t and it won’t help me out then I’m not going to go.”

Manego started playing organized baseball at the age of four and has been playing competitively ever since.

“My dad is big in sports, so I think I had my first glove when I was like 2,” Manego said.

Manego said his parents have a profound influence on his life.

“My mom never forced me to do anything,” the athlete said. “She always let me make my own decisions in life, and my dad wasn’t like that either. They were just like we are going to love you and support you no matter what you do in life.”

Manego said his parents believe in him and they know what he is capable of.

“My mom used to say if you’re a C student then you’re a C student,” Manego said. “But she’s seen me get A’s so I needed to make A’s or at least A’s and B’s.”

Manego’s work ethic goes past his studies – it also shines when he is on the field. Sophomore pitcher Miguel Parga said Manego is always the one to give extra.

“He works really hard in everything that he does,” said Parga, 20, a physical education student from Perry. “He’s always on the bus studying. At baseball practice he’s always the first one done running and he’s always the one to give the extra effort.”

Parga has no doubt his teammate will be successful after he graduates.

“Cirilo is going to make it a long way in life,” he said. “He knows a lot about baseball and about what he does in his major. He’s an all around good person. I see him as a physical therapist and owning his own business.”

Manego has high hopes for himself after graduation.

“I don’t know where I’m going to be in five to 10 years, but I hope it’s a place where I’m happy, I’m stable and have a family,” said Manego. “I can say I did X, Y and Z right here and this is what I have to show for it.”