Internet sites make subleasing effective and affordable

With the semester ending soon, students began to seek subleases for their living quarters. Tallahassee, primarily considered a college town, has an estimated 50,000 students that attend local universities andcolleges, thus making subleasing opportunities endless. To help your apartment stand out, here are afew methods to increase your chances of finding a sub. is a Nationwide Apartment Sublet Search site that matches renters with perspective subleasers. Packages range from $69 to $139 depending on your preference. The basic package, $69, includes a basic description and it allows you to update orchange your profile at anytime for 30 days.

The enhanced packages range from $74 to $139 for up to 180 days and allows you to upload 20 pictures with a full description.

Another company that offers services forrenters is This site allows renters to post their rental property for free, however to post pictures or add additional information outside of thedescription will cost you $2 per feature.

More students prefer ways that are affordable with less hassle, for instance, Facebook, MySpace, or flyers. “I constantly use my MySpace and Facebook accounts for everything, said Melissa Fulse, a Public Administration graduate student from Lakeland.

“I’m definitely advertising my room on mypages because its free and fast.” Renters who are account holders have the opportunity to post unlimited pictures, details, and update or change their profilesfreely with no cost.

According to, Facebook serves 882 colleges and universities and approximately 3.85 million members. Renters’ chances of finding a subleaser in their area are greaterthrough social media exposure. Flyers are always a less expensive and a more effective route to master.

“As a graduating senior, I plan to move within a week after graduation with hopes of finding someone to sub my apartment,” said Lamar Myers, a graduating businessadministration student from Titusville.

“I will be posting flyers and using facebook as my sources of reference to sublease my space.”

Renters with these methods your chances to find a sublet will increase in time with the right site, additional features and descriptive details about your rental space.