NBA Faceoff: Warriors will take final spot in playoffs

With less than a week remaining in the NBA season, the playoff race seems tighter than ever.

Although things are pretty sealed up in the Eastern Conference with teams locked into their playoff seeds, things are a lot different in the West.

The race for the eighth seed in the Western Conference comes down to two of the most dominant offenses in the league – the Denver Nuggets vs. the Golden State Warriors.

In a conference where seedings change nightly and a team can drop from first to sixth with a two-game losing skid or easily move up in the standings with a few wins in a row, the battle for the last playoff berth is grabbing much attention.

Although they are on the outside looking in as of now, if I were a betting man, I’d put my money on the Warriors.

Although it doesn’t seem like the Warriors want to play defense bad enough to make the playoffs, I still think the run-and-gun team will pull it out with its high-powered offense.

With the playoffs beginning next weekend and one head-to-head match-up left against the Nuggets, the Warriors seem to be favored.

Three games remain on both team’s schedules after their last face-off, but the Warriors’ remaining schedule is a lot more favorable than the Nuggets’.

Despite all the highs and lows, a young Warriors team still seems to be the best fit to a puzzle that solves what has been an exciting conference.

This year could be the first time a 50-win team doesn’t make the playoffs, but if the Warriors can continue to put up triple figures in scoring offense that should be enough to win their last couple of games.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Offense sells tickets, but defense wins games.” In most cases that is true, but the Warriors’ offense is played at such a high tempo that it can easily exhaust most opposing teams’ defense, which could be to their advantage.

So I advise all sports fans who love exciting basketball to stay tuned as the Warriors finish out a great season and roll right into the playoffs.