Campus police on point

The Florida A&M University Police Department is doing the best it can to ensure safety on campus. For instance, it handled last month’s campus shooting very well. The incident could’ve been a lot worse if FAMU PD was not there.

Students can’t blame our campus police for every incident that happens at FAMU. The finger has to be pointed at the individual who commits the crime.

Half the time the suspects aren’t even FAMU students. Our officers are not baby sitters-they are enforcers. They can’t prevent all crimes from happening on campus.

What they can do is deal with those responsible for the crime and help the victims recuperate. What’s unfair are people who feel like they have to commit crimes on campus instead of doing it wherever they come from.

This is a place of higher learning. If an individual feels like they need to rob and shoot at people, they should do it someplace where people aren’t trying to get an education to better themselves.

Those who commit crime do so on their accord. Most of these guys are probably “fake thugs” who find it easier to prey on students than “real thugs.”

No one told these assailants to commit crimes, least of all FAMU PD. So how can we blame them for negative events that unfold on campus?

What FAMU PD can do is make officers more visible to the students, instead of just rolling by in their squad cars. They should have more officers on The Set to watch what’s going on during Set Fridays.

FAMU PD should send out a message that there will be zero-tolerance for foolishness involving the student body. FAMU PD should have more patrols at night, since that’s the time when most robberies occur.

Our campus is out in the open, so anybody can walk in and pose as a FAMU student. For this reason it’s really hard to pick out the “bad apples” from the bunch.

Students need to hold themselves accountable for what they do or get involved in. We need to remember we came here for, an education, not becoming the world’s best criminal.

It’s also important for students to keep in mind what company they bring to our campus and what their family members are into. If your cousin Pookie keeps a gun on him all the time, maybe you should tell him to stay home with his pistol.

A lot of what happens on campus is senseless, especially when we hear one of our own was involved. By making better decisions about how we conduct ourselves as students, we may lessen the crimes committed on campus.

We need to take matters into our own hands and help patrol our own campus.