Karma comes for schoolyard bully

Think back to those days of grade school when the playground bully would steal lunch money and blatantly boss everyone around.

Everyone, including the bully, knew what he or she did was wrong, but no one did anything about it – until now.

According to a research survey conducted by Bully Police USA, an advocacy organization against the bullying of students, there are a total of 204,467 bullying victims in the Florida between the ages of 5 and 18.

Thirty-four states have made strides via state anti-bullying laws to rid young people of these actions that were once just considered child’s play. Now it’s time for Florida to make a decision.

The law has not passed yet, but the bill is currently up for review. Even though the anti-bullying law will tone down and demand consequences for the age-old actions, the proposal’s classification of “bullying” is still pretty vague.

Actions such as teasing and public humiliation are in direct violation of the proposed bill. However, those actions can include a wide range of actions and therefore need a bit more specificity. Bullying is wrong, we agree.

On the other hand, you have to let kids be kids.

There is no longer a fine line between horsing around and harming another person. Times have clearly changed.

Bullies beware. The law is coming for you!

Nyerere Davidson for the Editorial Board.