Fights hurt FAMU’s recruitment and rep

A Florida A&M University student was so appalled by what she saw in the café Wednesday that she decided to share it with her State and Local Government class by posting a message on its Yahoo! group.

Upon entering the University’s dining facility, she witnessed students engaging in a physical altercation until police were called.

To makes matters worse, prospective students taking a tour of the campus that day witnessed the same thing.

Prospective students thinking about attending the University were probably turned off by what they saw.

These types of fights are something that occurs in high school, so why would they pay to see the same thing in college?

Aside from a good education, prospective students may look at factors like FAMU’s campus size, activities and possibly even number of attractive students.

It is highly unlikely that a school with a large number of physical altercations makes it on the list of what to look for in a prospective university.

The administration at FAMU should have zero tolerance for this type of behavior. These students should attend a hearing with the University and let their grades and positive involvement with campus activities determine whether they are serious about attending this University.

It’s time that the less than serious students at FAMU know what type of institution we attend.

Christine Thomasos for the Editorial Board.