Tallahassee adopts sister-city project

Tallahassee is stepping up and taking the responsibility of forming a sister-city relationship with the Asante Akim North Municipal District, located in Ghana, West Africa. This will not only be a constructive project for the city, but it will act as the beginning of many global partnerships.

More than anything, it will be a positive experience for all students participating in this development.

Three things that the cities will combine efforts on are the development of culture, education and the economy. This partnership project will help get private and public divisions to work together.

An article on www.tallahassee.com titled, “Meet Tallahassee’s New African Sister City,” said this effort, which was initiated by the Tallahassee African Sister Cities Coalition, has attracted much attention. Presently 25 people, including both students and faculty members, have signed up to visit the district in the summer.

The greatest part about this project is that Florida A&M University has taken an active part in its development. Willie Butler, the CEO of the Tallahassee African Sister Cities Coalition and a history teacher here at FAMU, was actually a student in Ghana for two years.

This joint effort is praiseworthy and will hopefully create a chain of partnerships with various cities around the world.

Angelica Roberts for the Editorial Board.