City’s houses go green

Building developer Mike Rogers is doing his part to promote a greener lifestyle in Tallahassee. Rogers has committed that 100 percent of the homes in his company’s newest development, Southern Oaks, will be built to the Florida Green Building Coalition “Green Home Standard.”

Rogers said Southern Oaks will feature homes that are efficient, durable and safe for the environment. The Leon County Commission reported that this community development is the first of its kind in Leon County in which all new homes meet the FGBC certification standards.

The commission has adopted a resolution commending Rogers and Southern Oaks for their efforts to help the environment. Rogers said he hopes consumers will decide to spend a little extra in order to help save the planet.

“Building green will save you money in the long run,” Rogers said. “Certified green homes look just like any other home. The price tag is only about 2-5 percent more, but when you consider the lower operating costs, it’s money you make back in the long run.”

Tovah Kravit, 26, a graduate of Florida State University and a small business owner, is looking into possibly purchasing a home in Southern Oaks.

“I was watching the news and saw the feature on Southern Oaks and I have been researching information on green homes ever since,” Kravit said. “I feel that when I am ready to buy a home I will buy a home that is green certified.”

Rogers said green certification is based on a point system for different categories such as water conservation and use of materials. To meet the FGBC’s standards, the Southern Oaks Architectural Committee is using local businesses that support the FGBC green home standards.

Rogers explained that some of these businesses are Trudeau Fine Homes, Brantley Custom Homes and West Custom Homes. These businesses offer green construction and home-building services. Expressit Painting, Inc., Eppes Decorating Center and Kitchen Solvers are some businesses that will provide green home decorating services to the new development.

For green landscaping services, Southern Oaks will use Tallahassee Nurseries and Greenways of America. Banks are also getting involved in helping build these developments. Colonial Bank of Tallahassee is offering special financing for up to 100 percent of the purchase price for Southern Oaks home sites, as well as interest rate incentives for building to the FGBC Green Home Standard.

Kristin Dozier, chair of Sustainable Tallahassee, gave her take on green development.

“This is a great opportunity for local citizens to help our environment as well as become sustainable,” she said. “It is great that people are dedicated to making this world a better place for us to live in.”

These Tallahassee businesses and others that encourage and offer green services can be found on Sustainable Tallahassee’s Web site, www. Information on Southern Oaks and other developments are available at