Film delivers warm yule joy with twist

“This Christmas” and its all-star cast of well-known black actors warms the audience hearts with its great scenes. Coming into the movie, viewers do not know what to expect.

From the billboard, you’re led to believe that Chris Brown is the movie’s main star and focus of the script. He had minimal lines but displayed his voice on several occasions, which resulted in screams from the girls in the audience.

Viewers may think, before watching the movie, that it might be either a good movie, or a good marketing scheme.

But, after watching the movie, viewers come to realize that “This Christmas” is definitely a good movie.

The movie centers on the struggles of the members of a black family. Although the movie’s central concept is not a new idea, but it didn’t come off as a cliché either. This Christmas is a classic black family movie, similar to the likes of the movie, “Soul Food.

The story takes place at the home of Ma’dere (Loretta Devine), the mother of all the children. It does sound ridiculously close to Madea, but that could just be a coincidence, or is it?

All six of her children meet up for Christmas at her house. There is the career woman who doesn’t have time for men, Kelli, played by Lauren Leal; the professional college student, who keeps changing her major,  Melanie, played by Lauren London; the girl who got pregnant and stayed at home with mom, Lisa, played by Regina King; the free spirited son who is a musician and running from his debts, Quinton Jr., played by Idris Elba; the hot headed marine son, Claude, played by Columbus Short and the last son, the soon to graduate aspiring singer, Michael, who is of course played by Chris Brown.

Throughout the movie, the characters go through trials and tribulations, but it all comes together in a way that is sure to put a smile on the viewers face.          

The issues such as interracial dating, infidelity, self-esteem, step-parents, love, education and self reflection are all discussed in the movie.

The movie doesn’t dig too deep on any topic and keeps it light in a way that children can relate to also each topic.

“This Christmas” is heartwarming family-fun, and is not a drama, though it is nearly two hours long. Though there are no unexpected twists, it will keep your eyes watching and make you laugh while reminding you the value of family just in time for the holiday season.