Protest tactics get old

For many, the emphasis on being politically involved is just not the same as it once was and it may be because old methods of fighting political and social problems are being applied to today’s issues.

Personally, I’m not into physically protesting.

Yes, it may bring attention to the current issue, but what does it really do?

Many times people have marched, they’ve held signs and sang a few songs, and it just didn’t seem to cut it.

Now, I’m not saying that one shouldn’t walk the streets and make some noise and let others know that you aren’t going to take it anymore. I’m just saying that in 2007, some may say it’s because, in our time, there is no real reason to stand up and protest. It may be time for a different strategy.

I do not believe that this generation isn’t as active as the generations before us. I just believe that the urge to want to go out and physically protest isn’t as big as it once was.

In many ways, things have changed for the state of black America when it comes to the rights that we have.

For many students, who like myself have parents that are in their mid 50s or older, when our parents were growing up, especially during their teens years in the ’60s, there was a clear reason for fighting.

We, the ’80s generation are reaping the benefits of all those who came before us that fought for our rights.

For us, it’s hard to have the drive to want to march for something when we have so many things that our parents didn’t have growing up.

The truth is that our struggle is different. We know what are we fighting for, but not who we are fighting for and why. Many see what has happened to Martin Lee Anderson and the Jena 6, yet sometimes it just doesn’t touch home.

Cases like the Jena 6 and Martin Lee Anderson gain national attention withoutprotest. there are many more options for us to be able to do what we want. Thus, it allows us to believe that we don’t have to be protest in the streets.

Today’s generation is not too far removed to understand the true meaning of what it means to fight for what is right.

Truthfully many of us expect someone else to fight for us while we sit back and worry about something else.But as whole we understand that revolution is necessary.

Until we all realize it’s our duty to continue to fight and find new ways to solutions, we will continue to face the same political and social problems.

Otherwise, we’ll never see a change and things will forever remain the same.

Camille Daniels is a sophomore general studies student from Jamaica, NY. She can be reached at