Protest poorly executed

Some Florida A&M University students wearing business attire were parading around campus holding up signs that read, “Please keep off the grass!” last week.

We wondered why on earth they were wearing business suits holding signs, telling people where they should walk because all of sudden green grass is going to help us “look” better as a school. We also wondered why those same supposedly “professional” students were yelling at students telling them to move off the grass and more importantly, why was FAMU being compared to Florida State University?

Is yelling and holding up signs really an effective way to send a message to busy students walking by?

FSU is a completely different world than FAMU. Their students walk on the grass over there just like everybody else, not because they don’t give a crap about the appearance of the campus, but because it’s the ground! And apparently, a ground is meant for walking on.

And as for the rude students trying to get a decent grade in the class by receiving class credit through participating in the protest, there are other ways to promote the preservation of the campus.

Try being proactive for a change.

Instead of walking around in a business suit holding a cheaply made sign, put on some gardening gloves, get on your hands and knees, and plant some new grass in the ground.

People don’t respond to bad attitudes, they respond to leadership.

Take responsibility and be hands on next time you want to make a statement. Try a different, more intelligent approach.

Candice Montgomery for the Editorial Board.