Make it ‘Rayn’

A student in the School of Business and Industry on Florida A&M campus is already forming business ventures before graduating; he is the owner of Club Rayn.

Christopher Dennis, 25, a senior business administration student from Miami, launched Club Rayn on August 13.

This new club has a distinctively upscale environment. It was created to introduce students to a mellow atmosphere and to present them with an opportunity for relaxation.

Club Rayn is located on the corner of Tharpe and Monroe in the Publix Shopping center where the former Club Elements was located.

The club wouldn’t exist without the shared vision of Dennis’ friend and co-owner of Club Rayn, Emanuel Acheampong. With prayers and saved money from previous jobs, Dennis and Acheampong made their vision a reality.

Emanuel Acheampong, 23, a junior interdisciplinary social science student at Florida State University from Mt. Vernon, N.Y. said he respects his partner.

“He is either a win or lose person,” Acheampong said. “His determination and unique demeanor is motivating to others. People want fame, but Chris wants success”.

Evidently Dennis’ partner is not the only one who speaks highly of him. Dennis’ former roommate and friend, Tony Zephyr also holds him in high regard.

“When he puts his mind to something, he makes it happen,” said Tony Zephyr, 26, an alumnus agricultural business student from Miami. “The club obtains a really nice, grown and sexy atmosphere and I recommend everyone to attend.”

Even though Dennis has the undying love and support of his mother, other family members and friends, Dennis said that owning a business was not an easy task that he had to complete.

“Being an owner does not make you rich, it means you owe people,” Dennis said. “Things sometime get crazy because you lose associates because they automatically expect to get their way when they come to my club.”

Dennis understands business ownership is challenging, but these challenges do not deter him from his main purpose – his motto is, “school first, business second.”

During the times when he feels as if he has reached the end of the road, Dennis said he stops and remembers the people he cannot let down.

Occasionally, his workload is overwhelming but Dennis said his four-year-old daughter, Isyss understands that her father loves her, but has to work.

“She reaps the benefits,” Dennis said.

When facing challenging times, family or business, Dennis and his partner go out to eat and discuss their problems.

The young entrepreneurs future intentions are to create a non-profit organization named, Young Bosses of America. This program will consist of individuals that teach children foreign languages and continuous technological skills. Children will also be provided with mentors.

Dennis and Acheampong said they enjoy giving back to their community because the club is also a fundraising medium that allows them to bring one more dream into existence.

Club Rayn is not the last business Dennis plans to establish. He also wants to open a restaurant and has other business ventures in mind.

Dennis is confident that he can achieve all of his goals.

“Know what you are getting into, shoot for the stars and nothing is impossible,” Dennis said.

Club Rayn provides an older atmosphere with a smooth and elegant dress code. Shuttles are always provided from the set, and there is a different event every night. More information about the club can be found at youngbosses3455.