Religion: Is it a stumbling block?

When talking about God and/or the Bible, people begin to become very uncomfortable, especially while facing topics such as abortion, premarital sex, homosexuality and gay marriage, to name a few.

The reason people don’t care to bring up religion is because of fear, fear of the unknown and the fear that it is one big fat lie.

I’ve noticed with a lot of my friends that if I say things like, “It’s okay to question your beliefs,” all of a sudden they begin to respond with questions like, “Are you saying, you don’t believe in God?”

And my response is always the same, “Yes, I believe in God!” But, that doesn’t mean I cannot question everything else related to him. I mean, after all, many times the only reason why we believe what we do is because it’s what we’ve been taught since we were small children.

For some reason, people are afraid to talk about the Bible or any other religious aspect in an academic light. For some, it’s like you are tapping into uncharted waters, too dangerous to even go near.

I don’t think I’ve ever thought that way about religion.

As a child growing up, I never really thought about religion. I just knew I had Sunday school then church service afterwards.

I knew that God loved me and that Jesus died for my sins.

It’s okay to question and look at religion from a different angle and to talk to others about it. Taking religion courses at Florida A&M University has helped me to examine religion outside of the realm of which I’ve been taught.

There are some who rather have you believe that all things outside of their own religion, especially Christianity, are evil or will have you sent straight to hell for even taking a look at it.

I like to call those people “by the book,” they can’t even see straight into the world around them.

I don’t understand how people can be so afraid to talk about the one thing most humans have in common, religion.

I guess it can be blamed on films like “The DaVinci Code,” which really makes you look at all religion, especially Christianity, in a way most would rather not go into questioning about.

Religion shouldn’t be a taboo subject. It should be talked about and explored openly.

If you are a true believer in your faith then learning about another religion will not be something of fear but enjoyment. It’s a chance to take a look at things from another angle. So, talk about religion and quit making it so taboo.

Camille Daniels is a sophomore general studies student from Jamaica, NY. She can be reached at