Homecoming: a success

Homecoming week is finally over, and it may have left several students with hopes that future Homecoming celebrations can only get better.

Homecoming 2007 delivered better treats for students than any in the past two years.

The week began with a fashion show and ended with the official Homecoming concert. All of the activities were better than ever.

Even the block party at FAMU Park was more impressive than past instances.

Many artists choose not to come to HBCU’s because of the low amount of money that HBCU’s are able to give to celebrities. However, artists showed their support to HBCU’s this year by not focusing on the money aspect.

Students also made FAMU’s homecoming a tad bit more enjoyable. Many people at the game chose to leave their dresses and pumps at home, and actually decided to wear FAMU paraphernalia.

Although the usual heavy traffic made commuting a hassle, there was minimal violence and crime, which is something we are used to seeing during Homecoming.

This was a good Homecoming week and a safe one as well.

The plethora of catfish, funnel cakes, pies and chicken continued to satisfy several appetites.

The University did a great job publicizing, organizing and planning this year’s festivities.

The seats at the football game were filled with cheering Rattlers. And vendors held stations from corner to corner.

Hundreds of alumni walked the streets to enjoy and resurrect the Rattler Renaissance and the essence of Homecoming.

Latasha Edwards for the Editorial Board.