CESTA forum recognizes student accomplishments

The College of Engineering Sciences Technology and Agriculture held its second forum in the Perry Paige Auditorium on October 25 and 26.

Moses T.K. Kairo, the director and associate professor from the Center for Biological Control was the chair of the organizing committee, as well as involved in all aspects of the forum. Kairo said he believes the forum was successful at explaining the purpose and accomplishments of CESTA.

“The forum was an opportunity for CESTA to showcase our research to stakeholders, as well as to strengthen or build collaborations and partnerships,” Kairo said. “Also, we wanted to inform others, that our research is generating results which are being applied to solve problems as emphasized by the announcement of several exciting new developments, such as the new muscadine variety of grapes. In addition, the forum gave our students a chance to make presentations in a scientific meeting.”

During the forum, students took part in oral and poster presentations, and were awarded prizes. For the oral presentations, Chalonda Jasper and Tresia Walters, both students, were awarded. The awardees for the poster presentations included a tie among Raphael Abanja, Oulimathe Paraiso and Fitz Bradley.

CESTA’s Web site, http://famu.edu/headlines/userfiles/file/CESTAResearchForum, highlighted many topics that were covered in student presentations at the forum. The website also displays the numerous activities and programs students often participate in over the course of the year. The students presented on the website also express their dedication and interest for CESTA.

Kairo said there are numerous benefits as a result to participating in CESTA.

“CESTA has a dedicated faculty who will ensure your success,” Kairo said. “You will have opportunities to participate in research in a range of exciting areas, either as part of your degree or as an intern… research is focused on solving some of the most serious problems facing our nation today thus you will be at the cutting edge of science and problem solving.”

The information that was given at the forum allowed some students to get better understanding of the CESTA program focus.

Firaelle Paraison, 18, a freshman nursing student from Miami, attended the forum in hopes of increasing her understanding of CESTA. Paraison, who is contemplating changing her major, found the forum to be an informative event that allowed her to see what the college was really about.

“While interacting with students involved in CESTA, their love for the program really fascinated me and made me want to learn more about the various centers and programs I could possibly be apart of,” Paraison said. “The center I found to be the most appealing was the center of public health entomology research and education, and I plan to research more about it.”

Kairo said the forum proved to be a successful experience partly because the event was followed by a lot of positive feedback from various participants.

“We were fortunate to have senior representatives from our various partner agencies who were impressed with what we are doing with the resources they provide us,” Kairo said. “The very encouraging and complimentary remarks from FAMU President Dr. Ammons, Hon. Buchanan, and Hon. Charles Bronson was also wonderful… but for me personally, seeing our students deliver polished and professional presentations was the biggest highlight!”