Monday Night Fun

Though not many people look forward to Mondays, The Office of Student Activities and various campus organizations have put together an event that will add a spark to any Monday, Monday Night Football in the Rattler’s Den. This event includes food, beverages, football and video games, and it is free and open to all students.

Although some students associate Monday as the day to go back to work and school, “Monday Night Football” wants to change all that.

Bryan Freeman, 22, is a senior psychology student from Pensacola, along with his fraternity the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., are hosting the event.

Freeman said that he wants students to get familiar with each other during the event. He also encourages students to use the Rattler’s Den on a daily basis.

“This event is to get students to use the facilities that they have available to them and to socialize.”

He said that not many people use the facilities like the Rattler’s Den and the bowling alley, Galimore Lanes.

Freeman also said that the event was geared toward everyone, not just the men.

“A lot of times its just the guys, but sometimes you have the girls, they come out occasionally,” Freeman said.

Soraya Sicard, 18, a freshman criminal justice student from New York. said she is a regular patron of the Monday Night Football event.

“This is a good way to network and make friends,” Sicard said. “I love the atmosphere, I met a lot of people which is good so now when I see them I will shout them out.”

Sicard has also found other activities to entertain herself when her team is not playing. She is a Jets fan, but she enjoys “beating the guys” in a card game.

Students who don’t have their eyes fixed on the game, shown in high definition television on the big screen, can also play video games.

Also, students who do not wish to actively participate in any of the activities the Rattler’s Den has to offer can just go in to relax.

“Sometimes I’m not even worried about the game, this place has it all,” says Derrick Thornton, a graduating senior from Denver, Co.

Thornton said he just likes to sit back and observe everyone else.

“If you’re not watching the game, you can eat, have a soda, read a book or you can just stand here on the wall like me,” Thornton said.

Future Monday Night Football events will include a Madden Tournament, a raffle, and also possible barbeque.

Students who participate will have to guess the outcome of the Monday night football game. Guesses within five points of the final score will earn a cash prize of $50.

“What can be better on a Monday than football and free food,” Thornton asked.