Top 10

Have you ever had a conflict with someone and didn’t know how to handle it? If so, here are 10 ways to handle altercations with others.

1. Don’t get into an altercation with a person whom lives by you and sees you every day. The person might be psychotic. You don’t want to wake up one morning with a note that says, “I’m watching you.”

2. You can always end a disagreement by saying, “God loves you too,” or the next time you see them in church hug them and say, “God bless you.” No one wants to play with God so conflicts tend to decrease quickly.

3. If you get into an argument and someone says, “I’m going to my car,” don’t just stay there; get a head start and run.

4. If you know you have “skeletons in the closet” don’t try to start an argument with someone. The person might air out all of your business and make you look bad. You don’t want to have the argument end with someone saying, “We all know you sleep around a lot.”

5. If you are that innocent bystander at a party who happens to get punched in the face during a hip hop song, if you are going to punch someone back, make sure you punch the right person and don’t just hit another innocent bystander.

6. If you know you can’t fight, don’t start an altercation with someone who is three times your size. You might not just get put into the hospital; you might get put into a coma. You may think your friends can help you, but why allow the possibility for them to sneak away after you start the fight?

7. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, don’t ever argue with the person you know they are cheating with. If the other person is your friend or a person who knew you were in a relationship, the best way to get your anger out is to tell everyone what occurred. Tell the entire school. Tell so much dirt that when the story is done, everyone knows your mates’ weaknesses and fears, such as how they still wet the bed.

8. When you’re in an argument with a friend whom you know should be a political science student because he or she argues like a lawyer, then just agree with everything he or she says; it’s no use wasting time.

9. If you have been in so many altercations that when a fight rises people already know you are connected to it, you might need to attend anger management.

10. If you are fighting someone over child support, make sure to be careful of what you say. The person may get so mad at you, they may lie to their children, and 10 years later you’ll end up on an Oprah episode called “Parents Who Don’t Care About Their Children.” The best way to handle this conflict is to go on Maury; it’s the new version of Jerry Springer.