Orange room temporarily closed and students see red

Students became upset Tuesday when the Orange Room was abruptly closed during their lunch break because of a flooding issue.

Hanai Cole, 18, a first-year pharmacy candidate from Miramar, Fla. said the Orange Room normally reopens at 10:45 a.m., after a 10 a.m. breakfast break. When she arrived at 12:15 p.m., the regular closed sign was still on the door.

When she asked why the sign was posted, workers told her they were not sure if they were going to re-open.

However, the diner did re-open for a brief time.

Nearly an hour after Cole’s experience, another student arrived at the Orange Room and was turned away after standing in line.Stephanie Edwards, 19, a first year pharmacy candidate, said she was waiting in line inside the Orange Room when food services personnel turned her and other students away at 1 p.m.

Edwards said the situation created a hassle. The Phoenix native said she receives money for food through the University meal plan. She ended up going elsewhere for her lunch. “I went up to the Café, all the way across campus,” Edwards said.

Workers at the Orange Room posted notices on the doors that stated, “Due to circumstances beyond our control the Orange Room is closed until further notice.”

Around 1:30 p.m., a plumbing service was called to rectify the problem.

Andrew Jackson, a worker for Womble’s Septic Tank Service said, “The grease trap had not been pumped out in a long time.” Jackson spent nearly an hour behind the building pumping water from beneath the campus diner.

Workers inside the diner were hesitant to speak and referred all inquires about the situation to the office of Business, Financial and Auxiliary Services, which is responsible for the operation of the Orange Room.

Carey Brown, administrator of the University Commons, was contacted and directed questions concerning the situation directly to Rebecca Brown, associate director of business, financial and auxiliary services.

Several attempts to reach Brown were made and were unsuccessful.

Michael Smith, director of business, financial and auxiliary services, was also not available for comment.