Curry reflects, enjoys best season yet

With a team high average of 11.4 points per game, Q’vaunda “Q” Curry, 20, a junior business administration student from Quincy, is having a breakout season for the Lady Rattlers basketball team.

After sitting out part of the 2005-2006 season because of a torn anterior cruciate ligament, Curry helped the Lady Rattlers defeat the No. 1 seeded team in the MEAC, North Carolina A&T University, Monday night.

After celebrating the team’s 72-65 victory, Curry had a chance to speak with The Famuan about her abilities as a player.

FAMUAN: How did you recover from your ACL injury?

Q: That’s just hard work. You’re mad because you’re out the game for so long. I was really motivated just to get back.

THE FAMUAN: What was your fitness regimen during the off-season?

Q: A lot of weight room, a lot of getting in the gym, getting a lot of shots up and doing a lot of running trying to get my speed up.

FAMUAN: What do you usually do to prepare before a game?

Q: I’m not really superstitious. I don’t have any ritual I do before a game. Probably listen to some music, eat some good food and laugh with my teammates. We like to dance before a game.

FAMUAN: What kind of music do you listen to before a game to help you get into a zone?

Q: I like T.I. “Motivation.” There is this one song called “Closer,” and it’s real smooth.

FAMUAN: How do you feel about the rest of the season?

Q: Things are looking up. I feel real positive about the rest of the season, especially with us taking out the No. 1 team.

We played real good today. If we take that intensity into the rest of the season, it’s going to be good.

FAMUAN: What do you think the weakest part of your game is and what are you doing to improve it?

Q: My defense. I want to stay on the ball a little bit better. (Also) going away from contact. (I would like) to draw a little more contact and get to the foul line a little bit more.

FAMUAN: What’s the strongest part of your game?

Q: My jumper. It’s wet.

FAMUAN: Who is your biggest critic?

Q: I call him my agent. (His name is) Mario. He’s one of my homeboys. I was working with him today about shooting free throws. My free throws have been off lately. If I score 20 points, he’s going to still say I play like garbage. (His critiques) make me better.

FAMUAN: Who do you model your game after?

Q: I guess I would say my favorite player right now is Gilbert Arenas. He’s from the Wizards, and his jumper is wet. So, I’m trying to get up there.

FAMUAN: What do you do during your free time?

Q: Just chill with my friends. We clown a lot at the apartment. We listen to music and crack jokes and laugh. We laugh a whole lot.

FAMUAN: What do you plan on doing after your career is over?

Q: Next year is my last year here at FAMU, and I’ll definitely try to hop into the real world. I’m not looking to go into the league unless of course it knocks on my door.

But I’m really interested in what I’m trying to do for my degree. I want to go into pharmaceutical sales.