Presidential search committee plans three-day event to meet finalists

As Florida A&M University’s presidential search winds down to an end, students and faculty will soon have the opportunity to become more acquainted with the three remaining finalists in a three-day meet and greet event.

Beginning Jan. 16, the finalists, Thelma Thompson, president of University of Maryland Eastern Shore; James Ammons, chancellor of North Carolina Central University; and Howard C. Johnson, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs at University of North Texas, will be featured in a series of daylong events designed to give students and faculty the opportunity to ask the candidates questions and become familiar with the candidates themselves. The events include breakfast at Innovation Park, a campus tour, meet and greet sessions and luncheons.

Thelma Thompson will be interviewed Tuesday, Howard C. Johnson Wednesday and James Ammons Thursday.

FAMU Student Body President Phillip Agnew said students are especially welcome to voice their opinions and ask questions.

“One of these candidates is going to be the president of this university, so no matter if you are a freshman, this person is going to be here for the next four years. You want to make sure you have someone who will have your needs at heart,” Agnew said.

He continued, “It’s your one time to meet the candidates while they are candidates and not actually hired. You can actually have a say so.”

A question and answer session will be held during a closed lunch in the grand ballroom each day for every candidate. Any student interested in asking a question should submit their question for screening to Phillip Agnew via or at

Additionally, requests to attend the luncheon in general should be submitted as well.

All questions and requests must be submitted no later than Jan. 15. Business casual clothing is mandatory.

SGA hopes to have a huge turnout. Agnew said, “It’s important that students are there and we pack the house.”