Get it together for spring session

Hello everyone. I am a procrastinator. But the irony is that I consider myself a scholar. But scholars don’t just slide through; they excel in the classroom.  

 It seems that I always find myself doing any and everything instead of focusing on my studies. And, if you are like me, studying is not one of your favorite activities.  I tend to veer off track when homecoming rolls around. I go to every event and spend valuable time and money at events.

I lose focus right before spring break, and afterward, it is hard for me to get back on track following a week of nonsense. After these activities, I realize that I wasn’t focused and must re-establish my priorities.

There is nothing wrong with having a good time, but that’s what the weekends are for.

As college students, we must always be conscious that we are here for a reason. Remember that you are a student first.With this being a new year, some students make resolutions on improving their grades and overall academic career. But how can this happen if individuals don’t change their personal study habits?

Students must not only change their habits for the better, they must also commit to it. Unfortunately this part always gets me. I am always concerned about the new semester and all the promises it brings to beautify my less-than-perfect transcript. If we devote more time to studying every day, the material we review will make more sense, and we will be less timid and frightened of that paper we have to do. Remember, you must study throughout the entire semester and not just the last two weeks of school.

Don’t cram. Give yourself time to review the information, and always read over your notes. That way, you won’t feel guilty for going to The Moon Saturday when you have a test Monday. To get the most out of the spring semester, I recommend a simple tip, crack open that book. Why is it when I stand in line to sell my books back, most of the books being returned look as if they have never been opened? You paid more than $50 for it; get your money’s worth.

In many of the classes I have taken, I realize I could have received a better grade if I had just attended class regularly. says merely attending makes a world of difference.

With this being said, go to class, and do not underestimate your professor. Do not write them off as easy. Just because your friend got an easy ‘A’ does not mean you will. Be very careful whom you ask when it comes to deciding the class and professor you take. Many teachers have reputations, but if you do your best, more than likely you can pass any class you take.

Everybody learns differently, and what comes easy for some might not come for others.

When it comes down to it, everything falls on you. You determine your altitude by how much work you put forth. For more study tips, go to, and step your game up in the classroom. Wesley Martin is a junior magazine production student from Miami. He can be reached at