Wanted: unselfish, true love

I have had many goals in my life, but I never thought in a million years I would be asking, “What’s it like to be in love?” I’m talking about real love, the kind of love that inspires a person to do things out of the norm. When you care about someone so much you make a fool out of yourself for them and put their feelings before your own; that type of love.

We’ve all had that play-play love, when you think you’re in love after dating for two weeks. Walking around talking about “I love her,” after dating for 14 days. That’s play-play.

I think Teddy Pendergrass said it best, “It’s so good/ lovin’ somebody/and somebody loves you back/it’s so good needin’ somebody/ and somebody needs you back.”

It’s not an issue of being alone, but you get tired of living a certain lifestyle.

Nothing stable.

Always ripping and running the streets gets old fast. And having one person who truly cares about you seems like a peace of heaven!

My parents have been married 29 years, and when I see them together and see how strong their love for each other is, I want the same thing for myself.

I want that bond. But it’s hard to find a person whom you can fall in love with that will accept all of your qualities and flaws. Please don’t get confused.

I don’t want to get married tomorrow, but like Jagged Edge, I want to “find what it is everybody keeps on talking ’bout.”

Contrary to popular belief, all men want one woman, believe it or not!

Even the biggest “player” has a main girl, and eventually he wants to settle down and be with one person. No man, regardless of how much of a player he thinks he is, wants to be 52 still chasing. Walking around with no foundation or no one he can call his own. Every man deep down inside wants to be loved.

We’re around the age that people start committing to long-term relationships. You can’t help but to want that for yourself. You see them in the mall holding hands and you’re hanging with friends, and ya’ll start hating talking about how crazy they look. But then you go home wishing you had someone to look crazy with.

As you get older you realize how special it is to have just one, but most of us guys have to grow out of that stage of wanting to have all the girls before we are able to commit.

I now know it’s the little things that mean the most.

If I were the richest man on earth, I would give it all up to feel true love. Wait – OK, yeah; I would give it all up. I had to think. That would be a lot to give up, but I’d give every penny.

I’m not going to rush anything, and I know the woman for me is out there somewhere. But I can’t help wondering what true love really feels like.

Royle King is a junior broadcast journalism student from Dallas. He can be reached at royle_04@hotmail.com.