Up close with Quinn Gray

Meet Quinn Gray, a backup quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. At first glance, you might dismiss Quinn as your average NFL quarterback sporting his authentic jersey.

But Gray is not your ordinary NFL player; he is a former Florida A&M University football player.

Finishing his FAMU career as the all-time passing leader with 7,378 yards, and holding the record for attempts, completions and TD passes, Quinn is now representing his alma mater with pride.

Graduating from Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale, Gray earned both all-district and all-region honors while also receiving letters in basketball, football and baseball as a pitcher.

The Famuan: When did your passion for football start?

Quinn Gray: When I was born. My dad was a coach, so I was born into the life.

The Famuan: I see that you went to Dillard High School and played football, basketball and baseball. How would you describe your experiences in high school as a tri-athlete?

Gray: It was great. I was always busy. It was a high for me. It was something that excited me. It was my high to be able to play three sports and stay out of trouble. And at the same time, it helped me get into college.

The Famuan: How has FAMU prepared you for the NFL?

Gray: Coach Billy Joe, his offense and throwing. Having to run an offense, they give you the helm and tell you to run with it. There is so much preparation that you need for the NFL. FAMU helped me get those skills. It helped me be more poised and in tune of the other team.

The Famuan: How do you describe your experiences in the NFL as opposed to FAMU?

Gray: It is indescribable. In college you have the band and the fans that love you and that don’t love you. In the NFL, fans let you know how they feel. It is two different worlds as far as coming from a black college and then the NFL.

The Famuan: What are some of your most memorable moments at FAMU, on and off the field?

Gray: Basically, on the field are winning two MEAC championships, taking my team to the playoffs every year I was there and breaking records. I had a lot of people who still hold on the grudges against me. People need to live and let go.

The Famuan: How did you feel when you were chosen to play in the NFL?

Gray: It felt great. It felt like a great opportunity to prove to people that I can make it. A lot of people thought that I couldn’t make the transition to the NFL from FAMU, but I did.

The Famuan: Did you have any expectations when you entered the NFL?

Gray: Changes do come with the job. You need to evaluate your friends once money gets involved. I learned and now I do have some positive people in my life.

The Famuan: Were your experiences in the NFL Europe League different from playing at home?

Gray: Of course. Fans are more loyal over there. Fans here are quick to throw you under the rug, but over there, they love you no matter what. It is not that big of a difference.

The Famuan: Did you ever think that you would be playing in the NFL? Why or why not?

Gray: I never thought about it. I never said I would or wouldn’t. It wasn’t until my senior year that I thought about it. I was so much into my academics; it wasn’t until they told me that they had scouts looking out for me.

The Famuan: Do you stay in contact with anyone from FAMU?

Gray: No. When I left FAMU, I left all ties. I don’t really keep in touch with many people there

The Famuan: What is some advice that you would give to Rattlers who also wish to get to the NFL?

Gray: Keep your head up because anything is possible. It is not always guaranteed. If you are talented, they will find you.