Student government ‘Explosion’ offers something new this year

“SGA is doing their thing!” was the sentiments of Raymond Jackson, 19, a sophomore Biology student from Miami. Like most students, Jackson was surprisingly pleased with the outcome of this year’s SGA Explosion.

Students came out to the Grand Ballroom in record numbers to experience the informational fair held by the Florida A&M University Student Government Association.

The Explosion is an event designed to introduce students to the various departments and branches within SGA. The event also gives students interested in student government the opportunity to sign up as task force volunteers.

Though the Explosion has proven to be successful in the past, students said this year the event was more beneficial than before.

“This is very different from last year,” said Joyia Smith, 19, a junior agricultural business student from Greensville, Miss. “The students are really learning about SGA.”

The Explosion began Tuesday at 7 p.m. with an arrangement of musical selections, dance performances and poetic recitations by FAMU students.

Soon after, guests were invited to peruse the displays set up around the Grand Ballroom. To boost audience participation, SGA required students to receive five signatures from the representatives at different information stations before receiving refreshments.

Around 8 p.m., there was a complete change of scenery. What began as an informational turned into an on-campus party as the DJ turned up the music. SGA officials and student body members spent the next hour singing, laughing and dancing.

“Everyone is just having a really good time,” said SGA Vice President, Monique Gillium, 20, who was the former chair of the committee responsible for hosting the SGA Explosion.

The junior political science student from Gainesville said she enjoyed standing back and having a good time with the other students.

“I’m having fun, and (Ashley) Duprat did a great job. She’s awesome.”

Duprat, 19, is the chairwoman of the SGA Student Relations Committee. The sophomore senator from Fort Lauderdale said the committee wanted to make sure students had a good time and understood what SGA is all about.

“As SRC chair I wanted to make sure students were informed,” Duprat said. “I also didn’t want SGA to seem so stuffy because we like to have a good time.”

SGA members said they received a lot of positive feedback about the Explosion. Students said events such as these are testaments to the school spirit and love that permeates through the Rattler community.

“Students came out in great numbers to volunteer,” said Secretary of Student Welfare Andrew Collins, 20, a junior business administration student from Atlanta.

“This was a very artistic event; we had students display their talents. Everyone is enjoying themselves; it was just a huge success,” he said.

Student government officials said they particularly enjoyed the event because it is one of the rare opportunities for the three branches to unite in front of the student body.

“This is hot,” exclaimed Chief Justice Kendra Rich, a fourth-year business administration student from Ocala. “It’s definitely a tri-branch event, and the judicial branch came out strong.”