Faulty products might run off customers

Toshiba recently announced a recall on 340,000 laptop batteries made by Sony.

In the business world, the bottom line matters most just as the job of a politician is to get re-elected.

But should this come at the expense of the consumer?

This is not the first time Sony has had trouble with its accessories as of late.

Just last month, over four million Dell laptop batteries and nearly two million Apple batteries were recalled.

In the Toshiba case, the problem seems to lie with a loss in battery power. However, the Dell and Apple batteries could have caused injury.

Sony is often regarded as the premier source for all things electronic. Consumers may continue looking for alternative options if Sony doesn’t shape up soon.

When dealing with technology, there is always the chance that glitches and problems will result.

Machines, like humans, are not perfect and will sometimes fail.

After all, technology is only as good as the people that helped develop it.

If Sony has any regard for its customer base, then it will ensure its products aren’t faulty. There is simply no excuse for this recurring pattern of behavior. Video game enthusiasts may now think twice about purchasing a PlayStation 3.

Maybe Sony should think twice about its lithium-ion batteries and the problems that result.

If the consumer is always right, then the producer should be as well.

John W. Marsh for the editorial board.