Timberlake album has hot tracks, sexy lyrics

Justin Timberlake, formally of the boy band *NSYNC, is returning with fire for his sophomore album titled “Future Sex/Love Sounds,” released Sept. 12.

Timberlake’s new sound is very futuristic and sexy, yet still very Justin. His lyrics are a bit edgy and risqué, hence the “parental advisory” label on the cover.

JT co-wrote and co-produced this album, with help from big names like Timbaland, Black Eye Peas, Will.I.Am, Rick Rubin and Nate Hills.

Besides the hot producers, he also has some great collaborations on the album, with T.I., Snoop Dogg and Oscar-winners Three 6 Mafia.

Timberlake could not work with Pharrell because of the beef between Jive, Justin’s label, and the Clipse, who were formally signed to Jive but are now signed with Pharrell’s label Star Trak, but his album still seems to be a success.

“Chop Me Up,” a track featuring Three 6 Mafia, is definitely a club-banger. This R&B/gangsta track is surely one of the hottest on the album. I would have never expected Three 6 Mafia to do a song with Justin, but I am definitely glad they did because the song his hot!

“Damn Girl,” a track produced by Will.I.Am, is for the ladies. It has a vibe that is definitely grown and sexy.

JT performed “My Love,” featuring T.I. and produced by Timbaland, when he opened MTV’s 2006 Video Music Awards. This track has a techno/pop feel that you can bounce to and T.I. complements the track perfectly at the end.

“Future Sex/Love Sounds,” the title track for the album, is produced by Timbaland, who samples 1980’s British rock band Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.”

Timberlake does not have many ballads on this album, but the ones that he does have are so seductive and sweet.

“Set the Mood” is not an actual song but a prelude to the ballad “Until the End of Time.” In my opinion, it should have been a song. The track begins with an Asian feel to it.

This prelude is so seductive, there’s no doubt in my mind that everyone will feel the same.

“Until The End of Time” is a ballad that Timberlake is “sangin’ ” in. This track sounds old school as far as the beat goes, but his voice on the track meshes perfectly.

Many Janet Jackson fans might boycott Timberlake’s album because of his not backing Jackson during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime scandal.

But if you like R&B that you can relax to, dance to and romance to, then I assure you, you will be pleased.

Whether you decide to pick the album up or not, I will definitely say there is no sophomore slump for JT .

This time around he is surely “bringing Sexy Back.”

Grade: A