Students shafted after the firing of eight professors

The recent announcement that presidential convocation will move from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon is rather interesting. With the decision, students will no longer miss class. Well, at least not all students.

In a recent session with former School of Journalism and Graphic Communication professor Roosevelt Wilson, he unearthed a striking reality.

The administration is concerned about students missing class. That should be commended as students are here to learn.

However, more attention should probably be placed on the undergraduate professional development classes some School of Business and Industry students are currently missing.

Misplaced priorities? Perhaps. As the university enters a new age, it is essential to remember the students. After all, students’ tuition helps keep the school’s financial wheels spinning. Do these same students not deserve to get their money’s worth for the fall semester?

We understand that the situation with the SBI 8 and the integration of a new SBI dean will take time. But SBI students should not be shortchanged in the process.

Convocation is a time honored tradition that students should have the opportunity to attend. Attending class is an integral part of the education experience.

But it is only one class. A couple weeks worth of professional development? Somehow pushed to the back burner.

John W. Marsh for the editorial board.