Health section committed to student’s concerns, welcomes suggestions

Health is a term that can be loosely defined, so this semester, I am here to give you my definition of health.

As the fall 2006 health editor, my primary goal is to educate the students of Florida A&M University and the community about prominent health issues.

The main focus of the health section will be information, prevention and treatment.

The articles published in this section will go beyond throwing together statistical data like percentages and ratios.

It is my job to ensure that each article sheds light in some way or another.

I am passionate about health.

I want readers to be captivated by the articles so much that they take notes when reading.

I encourage readers to contact me if there is ever a particular topic you want to know more about.

Consider the health section a marketplace for your thoughts, so you should communicate.

In essence, I am here to make sure your needs are met.

Ultimately, I want students and the community to employ healthy practices so they can not only live better but also live longer.

I hope each health article leads you to a healthier lifestyle.

Mia Small is a senior public relations student from Durham, N.C. She is the health editor for The Famuan. She can be reached at