Senate announces second set of fitness center plans

The 36th Student Senate convened for the second session of the year Wednesday. The issues that reached the floor included the progress of phase II of the campus recreational center, the moving of university convocations to Sundays and the new ticket system for students to enter football games.

“Construction on phase II of the campus recreational center will begin, at the latest, in spring 2007,” said Marvin Green Jr, associate campus recreation director. According to Green, the second phase will include a rock climbing wall, three indoor basketball courts, four racquetball courts and indoor cycling. In addition to the changes regarding the recreational center, the university will begin to use a new intramural field, which will be south of the campus recreation center on Wahnish Way, for recreational purposes.

“The old intramural field will be the location of our new teaching gymnasium,” Green said.

The teaching gymnasium will be the new site for convocation, home to the Rattler basketball teams, and the site of the Lady Rattler volleyball team.

Hysteria broke out when Student Body Vice President Monique Gillum announced this year’s university convocation will be held on Sunday instead of Friday.

“Way back when, they used to be done on the weekends,” said Gillum, a sophomore political science student from Gainesville. As of now, the convocation will be Sept. 24 at 4 p.m.

“Convocation could be the worst thing that ever happened, or it could perhaps build more student morale if students use the Sunday to go to university convocation instead of sleeping,” Gillum said.

Gillum said the decision for convocation to be on a Sunday came from Interim President Castell V. Bryant.

“She doesn’t want us to miss any classes. Some professors don’t excuse students for missing a class on the day of convocation. She believes this will help heighten participation,” Gillum said.

Another item that was brought to the floor during the senate meeting was the new system for students to enter football games.

Student Government Association Chief of Staff Ashleigh Bolar said the athletic department is putting a machine in place that works with Rattler cards. When students arrive at Bragg Stadium on game day, their Rattler Cards will be scanned in order for them to enter the game.

“This new system will allow more students to participate than in the past,” Bolar said. In the past, tickets were given out on a first-come, first- serve basis.

“If you are not registered as a student you will no longer be able to attend the game,” Bolar said.

Other issues brought up in the meeting included the confirmation of electoral commission precinct supervisors. During the meeting, six precinct supervisors and the deputy electoral commissioner were confirmed by the senate.

“We are in place to make sure that the candidates are qualified for the job and know the responsibilities of the position,” said Ashley Duprat, a 19-year-old general studies student from Fort Lauderdale.

Another order of business was the zero funding of FAMU Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society.

“More than likely, it was a miscommunication,” Duprat said. She added that in order for organizations to be funded by the Senate, the organization has to turn in an application and submit an itemized budget.

Duprat said the senate funds one-of-a-kind organizations through the Activities and Services budget.