New Facebook riles nation


While it may start off as a harmless crush, it can easily turn into something more threatening.

Well, for those of us who have accounts on Facebook, stalking just became that much easier.

As most of you know, Facebook changed its layout earlier this week. Users went to sleep perfectly content with their Facebook lives, and awoke the next morning to find Facebook dissecting every aspect of what you do in life.

Ok, maybe it’s not that invasive, but the change does have some people on edge.

While it’s true that most of the information that is on display as soon as you login was noticeable before, now it’s clearly put out there.

Why you need to know when your friends join a group, post a message on somebody else’s wall or change their relationship status is beyond us.

Who cares that Shanika just broke up Jaquan?

In protest of the changes, thousands of Facebook users have flocked to anti-facebook news feed groups to protest the change.

College newspapers across the country have reacted to the changes, and news organizations across the country, including TIME Magazine and USA Today have picked up the story.

Just type in Facebook under “Google News” and the consensus is clear.

The new layout is not a hit.

The biggest anti-Facebook group, “Students against Facebook News Feed (Official Petition to Facebook)” already boasts more 708,000 members in its three days in existence.

There’s also a separate online petition to change the news feed, and apparently “National Boycott Facebook Day” is Sept. 12.

Despite the backlash, Facebook administrators don’t seem to have any intentions of modifying the stalker-like news feed, saying only that students will come to appreciate it after a while.

Only time will tell if that happens.

It’s actually kind of funny.

We’re not too big on voting, don’t really care about global warming and couldn’t care less about the county commissioners, but if you screw around with Facebook, prepare to face our wrath.

Sidney Wright IV for the editorial board.