Campus morale seems low in contrast to past years

Are we at Florida A&M University working too hard? Or are we too occupied to see the excitement of the new school year? It just seems as though this fall semester is not as entertaining as previous fall semesters.

We know our freshman enrollment has declined, but that should not mean the enjoyment of the new school year should have as well.

It seems the freshman class is less enthusiastic than previous classes. Did FAMU go and recruit the most unenthused students they could find? It is still early in the semester, but the freshman class just seems to be too laid back.

If the first four days of school were not an indicator that FAMU is not the funfest it was in past years, Friday said it all. The Set was not like “The Set.” Friday, there was a nice crowd, but it was not like how it used to be.

Where were 99 percent of the vendors Friday? We want the vendors back, and we want the deejay to play past 2pm.

True, we are all here to get an education, but let’s be serious. We all know college is much more than just schoolwork. We pity those who have not experienced any other fall semesters because they are being deprived. Then again, you cannot really miss a great semester if you have never had one.

As we glide through this second week of the semester, enjoying college life should be our second priority – right behind education.

Siraaj Sabree for the editorial board.