Audiences need to see better films

There was a time when movies meant more than just entertainment.

You left a movie theatre after seeing a movie, especially a black movie, where there were underlying meanings that would be discussed long after watching the movie.

Hopefully, these messages would be absorbed and spread so others could be enlightened.

However, movies such as “School Daze” and “Carmen Jones” seem to have disappeared from black culture. What we seem to have now are movies that can best be described as all fluff and no substance.

When movies such as “Soul Plane” can be very entertaining, it leaves some viewers wondering if movies of this nature shed a negative light on black people.

This is bad for business because movies having anything to do with the black culture are scrutinized more than any other type of movie.

The plot of “Soul Plane” is that a young man sues an airline because of mistreatment. He wins a large settlement and sets out to make an airline that caters to the urban culture.

It seemed like a good idea, until the bright purple plane, complete with rims, and scantily clad flight attendants appear on screen.

Although the airline is intended to be geared to urban style, it turns out to be embarrassing.

Do not get me wrong, this is not about bashing “Soul Plane” or any movie that is focused more on laughs than a points.

But it is more about questioning the turn our culture has taken.

If movies of this caliber are what we have to offer, we have some serious work to do.

It is becoming harder to find a movie that is both original and actually good.

Not just funny, but good-something that one would want to see over and over. It is quite sad; there is no substance whatsoever.

Now, on the other edge of the spectrum, there is the Spike Lee film “School Daze.” This film takes place on a college campus, and it explores the issues of color issues within the race and separation based on class.

This movie is entertaining, but it also makes you think.

You can watch this movie and say it is time that was well spent, as opposed to complaining about it being both a waste of time and hard-earned money.

This is not to say that movies should not be fun. Part of the reason people go to movies is to relax.

However, it does not mean lowering your IQ at the expense of enjoying yourself.

It also does not mean to continually support movies that hinder the growth of our culture.

Charlynique Reynolds is a fourth-year English student from Miami. She can be reached at