Working during break can be more valuable than summer school

“Summer school can be too much, causing you to have a mental breakdown. Doing too much of anything isn’t good for you, including school,” said Abdul Sharif, a 20-year-old third-year political science from Miami.

Summer school is a financial burden for a vast number of FAMU students.

Many students either are not eligible for financial aid or just don’t know about financial aid for summer school.

Personally I would end up in the poor house if I chose to take summer classes without financial aid.

I mean, I barely make it through the spring semester financially, so the thought of summer classes without financial aid is somewhat comical to me.

“I had to pay out of pocket for my summer classes and books,” said Sharif, “I took classes during the summer last year and it really messed up money that I needed for the fall.”

Summer break is the time when many capitalize on the opportunity to work and save money for the up coming fall semester.

With the spring semester concluding at the end of April and the fall semester not starting until the end of August, the window of opportunity is very large for collecting and saving funds.

“I ain’t sayin’ she a goldigger but she ain’t messin’ with no broke..,” but that’s only because everyone’s favorite Rattler, me, got a chance to save some cash. I would have missed out on a lot of money if I had chosen to stay in Tallahassee for summer classes. I was able to obtain two jobs this summer so I earned a lot of money for the fall…but you all don’t tell anyone that.

I believe your mind needs time to heal from the rigorous school year. School officials implemented breaks for a reason; your mind needs time to rest. But then again, attending summer school could be a good decision as oppose to taking the whole summer off. Perhaps if I had gone to summer school I wouldn’t be so mentally out-of-shape.

The absence of a summer break can have a detrimental affect on one’s performance in the fall semester. I’m not going to lie, on August 28th I was still in summer break mode, laid-back, with no real worries outside of work. School was a distant thought.

Summer break is a time when people should go to theme parks with their family or go to exotic destinations with their partner, not a time when one should go to school. Maybe you could say that my priorities are messed up but I am going to enjoy my life. School is fun some of the time and stressful most of the time.

I knew that when the fall semester hit I was going to be too occupied with school work and studying to think about having fun so I made sure I did all I wanted to do during those four months we had for summer break.

Summer school has its advantages and disadvantages; it just depends on what is best or most important to you.

Siraaj Sabree is a fourth-year Newspaper Student from Miami. He can be reached at