Suspended frat members sue university

The Florida A&M University students that were recently charged for hazing have filed suit against the university Thursday, citing that they did not receive due process.

The university suspended five Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. members, Brian Bowman, Cory Gray, Jason Harris, Marcus Hughes and Michael Morton, after they were arrested and charged with the hazing of a student.

According to the complaint filed by the students, the university did not notify them in writing of their suspension. When they contacted the registrar’s office, they were informed that they were still registered for classes.

But the complaint also stated that Vincent June, vice president of student affairs, informed Morton that if he were to attend class, he would be doing so illegally.

“The university has been inconsistent,” said Bill Waters, attorney for Waters & Wolk P.A. and counsel for the students.

The complaint cited Article 100.01, Section 1, Point L of the student handbook, stating, “The student’s status will remain unchanged pending the university’s final decision in the matter….”

In the same section it said, “…except where the president’s designee determines that the safety, health or general welfare of the student or the university is involved.”

Elizabeth McBride, general council for FAMU, said, “It has been long standing in the case law in this country that the administrators have been granted discretion in determining the standard of behavior to maintain discipline and good order on their campus.”

Morton, 23, a business student from Fort Lauderdale, and Bowman, a marketing and psychology student from East Oakland, Calif., are scheduled to graduate this semester.

The students have requested an emergency hearing to expedite the process so that they might graduate and the other three students be allowed to finish the semester.

“It is only proper that they be provided the opportunity for due process after attending the university,” said Waters.

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