Fraternity members’ arrests jeopardizes their futures

Where will you be in 2013?

Well, if you’re the Alpha Xi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., you’ll just be returning to the “yard” after a seven-year suspension for hazing.

As if the arrests on Monday weren’t enough, they come with felony charges and possible time in prison.

From the frat house to the jailhouse, how the tables have turned.

It’s truly sad when people risk everything they’ve worked for in college to test the loyalty of future “brothers.”

But maybe what they don’t realize is that felons can’t vote in Florida and rarely are felons hired by reputable or Fortune 500 companies.

The accusations against the Alpha Xi chapter are not only an embarrassment to Kappa Alpha Psi, but also to Florida A&M University.

Just when you think FAMU is out of the media hot seat, things like this erupt.

Yes it is sad that promising young men may face time in prison and be known for the rest of their life as felons – but it’s really hard to believe they had no idea that the abuse they allegedly inflicted on others would have been overlooked and go un-punished.

How funny it is that one of the young men arrested wears a “Free Alpha Xi” shirt on his Facebook profile.

Maybe in 2013.

Amber Vaughan for the editorial board.