School must rally around its international students

International students in the state of Florida may soon be denied access to an affordable college education and ultimately be forced to pack their belongings and head home to countries in the Caribbean, Europe and Africa, among others.

House Bill 205 prohibits international students from receiving financial assistance from the state in the form of grants and scholarships.

This bill is ludicrous. International students have allowed for a more diverse college campus.

At FAMU, there is a large population of international students. International students are involved in athletics such as tennis, track-and-field and our five-time champion volleyball team.

There are also many organizations on campus such as the Caribbean Students Association, the International Students Association, among others. These organizations facilitate unity and cultural awareness among all students.

Even though this bill is in the Florida Legislature, the next problem is that if it is passed, it will set precedent for other states.

All students alike should become advocates and fight for their peers. Go to the Capitol on Tuesday, April 18 at 4:15 p.m. and lobby against this bill. The entire FAMU community must become involved in this issue and stand not behind but among its fellow peers.

Keep in mind one FAMU, excellence with caring.

Malika Harrison for the editorial board.