Profession has no bearing on rape

March marked the beginning of an investigation against the Duke University lacrosse team. But no matter how you look at what happened, the alleged victim should not be to blame. No means no!

It is appalling that the focus seems to be more on the victim’s race and occupation than on the alleged rapists.

The victim testifies that the alleged rape was on March 14, when two black women, both North Carolina Central University student,s went to an off-campus house to dance for a small private party. The victim said when she and the other dancer arrived, the house was packed with at least 40 men, who began to shout racial slurs at the women.

The dancers left, but were asked to come back, then one of the dancers was pulled into the bathroom. There, she alleged that she was sexually assaulted, sodomized and beaten.

Since the alleged rape surfaced, it seems people are blaming the accuser because she was a black exotic dancer. But does that really matter?

This is when the question comes to mind whether the case would have taken a different turn if the victim were a white exotic dancer raped by an all-black football team. Would it still take the police two weeks to get DNA results from the team, or would they have gotten them back in 48 hours like the Maury show?

The nation needs to acknowledge it and not put the blame on the woman because she is an exotic dancer, a notion shown by a fellow Rattler that was quoted in a news story about the alleged rape in Wednesday’s Famuan.

Katrelle Simmons for the editorial board.