Graduate school gets grant to cover fees

Florida A&M University’s School of Graduate Studies and Research has been awarded $378,954 to enhance the program.

The Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need Program administered the grant.

Chanta Haywood, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research learned of the award after receiving a call from Rep. Allen Boyd, D-District 2.

Haywood said the money will be used to award stipends up to $30,000 to electrical and computer engineering students, as well as full coverage for the cost of tuition, fees, computers and research materials.

The funds from this grant will also be used to send students to national and international conferences.

Haywood also plans to use the money to encourage high achieving engineering students to attend graduate school at FAMU.

“Now that I have a $30,000 stipend, tuition and fees, computers, lab equipment, and travel to put on the plate in front of them, I think my chances of convincing them to come to or stay at FAMU have increased tremendously,” Haywood said.