Ministry offers service, food for the soul

On most Fridays, the Set is filled with many students flocking to and from class or taking a short break from a long day.

From a distance you can see smoke releasing hickory-flavored aroma rising into the atmosphere.

If you just follow your nose and walk a little farther, you will arrive at the Baptist Center located next to Diamond and McGuinn Hall on the outskirts of The Set, across from the Perry-Paige building.

The Baptist Collegiate Ministry, operated by the Rev. Larry Hunt, has been at Florida A&M University since 1971.

Before Hunt ran it, the collegiate ministry was student-run. Hunt is a licensed and ordained minister. Originally from St. Petersburg, he came to FAMU in January 1971 and is originally from St. Petersburg.

BCM is a full-time ministry that caters to the needs of students, staff, and faculty. BCM has been sponsoring the Campus Outreach Barbeque for the last five years and usually provides this service to everyone on Fridays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., as long as the weather permits or it is not a major holiday.

Meals are between $4 and $5 and come with a drink. Ribs, hamburgers, chicken and pork chops are cooked on the grill and include sides also. Some students left feeling really good about their first experience with the outreach.

“The food is good, everyone is friendly, and I enjoy fellowshipping in a positive way,” said Christopher Harris, 22, a junior social science student from Chicago.

But the outreach is just one aspect of the many things the BCM offers.

“The BCM offers a biblical approach to fellowship with Christ and his kingdom. When I was a student, my relationship with Christ aided me in being a successful student,” said Hunt.

Hunt is available 24 hours a day and welcomes those who wish to visit, no matter the denomination. You do not have to be baptist to be involved with the Baptist Center.

BCM is not a church. It is a Christian fellowship for faculty, students and administration.

One of the most popular and interactive events is the Rattler, which takes place on Thursdays at 7 p.m. The Rattler is a fellowship that brings BCM members and visitors together.

“At the Rattler you can relax, play games, win door prizes, eat and hear from a weekly speaker. It also allows you to develop social skills, participate in hosting and provides community service,” said Joseph Mobley, 22, a senior English student from Tallahassee who serves as vice president of the BCM.

Rosemary North, 19, is a first year business student from Minneapolis and is a member of the BCM.

“It is important that we provide a place like this for students who are looking for a peaceful place to go to when doing homework, pray, rest or just talk to others about their issues,” North said. The center also provides tutoring services and counseling for all students.

Some of the other events that the BCM hosts are women’s ministry, men’s ministry, and faculty and staff bible studies throughout the week. For more information, contact the BCM at (850) 224-7151 or

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