Sort through the clutter to achieve soft, silky, skin

From your face to your toes, glowing, soft skin is something that many people try to achieve. But because there are some many products, it may be hard to give your skin the special time and attention it needs to achieve that healthy look.

According to com, “Essence Book for Body” and Seventeen magazine, to achieve perfect skin you must know your skin type.

There are five different skin types.

Normal Skin is velvety, with small pores, and no visible acne. Oily Skin has enlarged pores with shiny patches. Frequent breakouts may occur on the face, back, arms, and possibly the chest.

Dry Skin has very small, invisible pores with possible dry and itchy patches. The cheeks, arms, legs, chest, and belly may be particularly dry.

Combination Skin is dry across the cheeks and oily on the forehead, chin, and nose. Arms may be dry and back may be oily.

Sensitive Skin is either oily or dry with irritated and itchy patches, blotchy and reddened with frequent breakouts.

Cleaning your skin

Cleanse your face twice daily, once in the morning and once before you go to sleep.

For dryness look for products with ingredients like lactic acid, glycerin or hyalmine acid.

For sensitive skin use fragrance-free cleaners that do not contain harsh chemicals that are needed for normal or oily skin.

For acne-prone skin use cleaners containing 1-2 percent salicylic acid or up to 10 percent glycerin acid.

For all types of skin, apply cleaners, toners and moisturizers in a soft circular motion with fingertips.

Skin Saver

Keep skin hydrated: Invest in a daily moisturizer with SPO of at least 15.

Change sleeping habits: Avoid sleeping on your face.

Get facials: Treat your skin to monthly facials in order to prevent breakouts.

Keep weight consistent: Do not get on a “Yo-Yo” diet. Because losing and gaining weight puts stress on your body and the elasticity of your skin, you should use a gradual weight-loss program and try to keep a healthy weight limit.

Exfoliate: Use a gentle scrub in an effort to buff away and dissolve dead skin cells.

Keep your hands away from face: Try not to touch your face with you fingers unless you are washing your face. Getting rid of this habit will reduce breakouts.

Change eating habits: Drink more water and eat healthier food.

Keep pores clear: Avoid oil-based make-up and moisturizers because they tend to clog pores and cause breakouts.

Body Beauty Tips

Soak skin: Start your cleansing routine with a warm bath of long warm shower to open pores and help relieve stress.

Exfoliate: To keep skin soft a salt or sugar based scrub at least twice a week in order to buff away rough, dead skin.

Hydrate: Keep skin moist with a rich moisturizer like shea or coco butter. To help seal moisture in, apply lotion while skin is still damp, preferably as soon as you are done bathing.

If you are trying to achieve soft, smooth, healthy skin it is important to take the necessary steps in order to succeed. Following these simple steps is a good start.

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