Cheney gets away with shooting

Vice President Dick Cheney’s pellet shooting victim Harry Whittington took a turn for the worse on Feb. 15.

Doctors were optimistic about Whittington’s recovery, and was released and is doing “extremely well,” according to

And the local sheriff cleared Cheney of all charges the day of the shooting.

If the average Joe would’ve have shot someone else – accident or not- then he or she would have been charged.

What makes Cheney different?


We guess so.

I guess he has super powers that separate him from the rest of society.


Well, that’s what it seems like.

Regardless of his position as the U.S. Vice President, he should be treated like any other law-abiding, or in this case, law-breaking citizen.

In fact, this incident is not disturbing at all, because it solidifies and justifies the belief that we are now under the most incompetent presidential administration in American history.

How in six years of office does someone manage to take the most powerful nation in the world from the epitome of respect to the laughing stock of the United Nations meetings?

Now we have A president that waved at Stevie Wonder and a vice president that shot a 78-year-old man instead of a bird.

If we think this is bad, the worst is yet to come. Maybe Jeb will sun for president and win. Isn’t that scary?

Tenikca Morning or the editorial board.