New club unites campus film enthusiasts

The Florida A&M University Film Society is a newly founded organization on campus with one objective in mind.

The objective is to “create productions with an emphasis on film that is facilitated by FAMU students” according to founder and current president Robert Mayberry.

“Whether it is the student’s passion to produce, edit, direct, star or anything else that has to do with the film industry, we want them to do it,” said Mayberry, 23, a fifth-year business administration student from Houston.

The idea of the organization came from James Sims, director of Red Wallies, a movie that was shot mainly on FAMU’s campus.

“When I started doing my own productions I started to notice that students were really interested in what I was doing and they wanted to get involved,” Mayberry said.

With membership slowly rising, Mayberry said he believes in quality over quantity when it comes to recruiting students for the organization.

“In the beginning I wanted all of the modeling troupes and journalism students to join because I thought they could benefit more from the Film Society, but since they didn’t really get active. I realized I’d rather have quality over quantity,” Mayberry said. “The people we have now are really determined and serious about what we do.”

Members of the Film Society believe that this organization is important to all students interested in the entertainment industry as a whole.

“You get hands on experience here,” said Jeff Dillard, 21, a junior business administration student from Chicago. ” If you are looking to be in the film industry, this is where you want to be.”

Aside from hands-on experience, the Film Society also keeps students abreast on other venues that are affected by the entertainment industry.

” The society gets us up-to-date listings of casting calls, film projects and other opportunities in Tallahassee,” Dillard said.

Mayberry said that there is a strong need for a Film Society on FAMU’s campus due to the intensity of the film industry and believes that the organization gives students the knowledge and experience they need.

“Film and production is such an intense process that forces you to either have to go to film school or work under a master in film,” Mayberry said. “Without an organization like this, it would be hard to break into the industry.”

The Film Society encourages all students to join whether they are journalism majors or not.

“The Film Society wants everyone who is interested in film to come out and join because the opportunities are here if you want it,” Dillard said.

According to Vice President Andrew Patterson, the Film Society has major benefits for students who want to get experience and intense knowledge of the film industry.

“We are here to educate and inform students in a fun way,” said Patterson, a 19-year-old sophomore accounting major from Atlanta. “In the Film Society, you get a chance to meet industry leaders in Tallahassee as well as leaders from around the country. It is a good way to get your foot in the door.”

Not only does the Film Society open up opportunities to students on campus, the Society also gives back to the community.

“We are producing educated African Americans in different fields where there is a lack of minorities,” Patterson said.

The FAMU Film Society has weekly meetings every Thursday at 8:00 pm in Tucker Hall, room 200.

“We bring in directors from Florida State film school, we have tours of FSU film school and have also brought in power players like Quincy Griffith, CEO of Stressless Entertainment,” Mayberry said.

“I don’t think there is any other organization that gives the student the ability to come in and choose what they want to do.”

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